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Precautions for Monopotassium Phosphate

Faintly acidic as the water solution of monopotassium phosphate is , it is preferable to be mixed with neutral and acidic pesticides and fertilizers, such as urea, microbial, growth regulator, pyrazolimate, tebuconazole, etc. .

Invalid mixture will be the one with basic fertilizer and pesticide, such as mancozeb, alum, metalaxyl manganese zinc, Bordeaux liquid and general calcium magnesium zinc fertilizers.

Mind the second dilution of the mixing formula. Monopotassium phosphate shall be the first to be dissolved in the water followed by the suspension and finally comes the emulsified oil, which serves as a favorable order to the dissolution of monopotassium phosphate.

The monopotassium phosphate is deliquescent. Rather than to be exposed to damp, it shall be kept enclosed in a cool and dry place to achieve another 5 more years usage.

The exposed one will absorb moisture in the air to be deliquescent, which will not affect its performance in the future use.

Generally up to 99%, the genuine monopotassium phosphate is of high-purity. The phosphorus and potassium sources, one of some excellent products, has a purity up to 99.7%. However, a massive dosage is not suggested for the potential fertilizer damage. For instance, the monopotassium phosphate may not be completely dissolved. If so, the  concentration is too high for corps to withstand.

The general concentration of spraying shall be within 0.2%-0.3%. For gramineous crops in their late period, it can be slightly leveled up to 0.6%.

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