• The Application Advantages of Sucralose 22 2020.12 The taste of sucralose is the closest to that of sucrose, which indicates that the appearance of sucralose represents the highest achievement of high sweetness sweetener.In some food production applic... Details
  • The Properties of Sucralose 15 2020.12 Sucralose is the only functional sweetener with sucrose as raw material, 600 times sweeter than sucrose. The sweetener has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness and high saf... Details
  • Cautions of Using Agrochemicals 08 2020.12 1. Use of agrochemicals in windy days: General powder agrochemicals and spray agrochemicals will be affected by strong winds, easy to be blown away, thus reducing the efficacy of agrochemicals and fai... Details
  • Usage of Agrochemicals 01 2020.12 1. Liquid sprayingAs the most widely used method in production currently, it is to spray the liquid medicine evenly on the control object and the protected host plant by means of spray equipment. And ... Details
  • Three Advocationss and Three Prohibitions of Monopotassium Phosphate in Use 23 2020.11 The first advocation: It is advocated that reasonable mixing of monopotassium phosphate with some nitrogen fertilizers, boron and molybdenum fertilizers, chelated micro fertilizers and pesticides can ... Details
  • How is Nutrient Content in Monopotassium Phosphate Calculated? 16 2020.11 Molecular formula of monopotassium phosphate :KH2PO4;Molecular weight of potassium dihydrogen phosphate :1361. PotassiumPotassium has a relative atomic weight of 39, one potassium atom (1*39) in monop... Details
  • Precautions for the Use of Polyacrylamide 09 2020.11 1. Precautions for the use of cationic polyacrylamide(1) Floc size: too small floc will affect the drainage speed, too large floc will restrict more water and reduce the mud biscuit degree. The molecu... Details
  • The Action Principle of Polyacrylamide 02 2020.11 There are four kinds of action principles of polyacrylamide. Next, let's learn about four kinds of knowledge related to polyacrylamide compression double electric layer, adsorption neutralization,... Details
  • The Use of Polyacrylamide 22 2020.10 Polyacrylamide is a kind of high polymer flocculant, which is divided into cation, anion, non-ionic and amphoteric ion, and it is mainly used in the field of sewage treatment. However, in agriculture,... Details